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Looking for something a little dark

                            a little strange

                      a little sweet...

You've come to the right place.

my story

“Are you the little monster in the woods” a group of children asked as they found me playing alone in my make-believe world. 

I was 3.  


Fine, so maybe I've never been your average little girl—I was always a little different. But what would you expect from a childhood shaped by the unusually dark and brooding genres of the 80's.  However strange & unusual, my childhood was nothing short of magical.  My parents made every birthday and holiday memorable with decorations, elaborate cakes, and celebrations ...They are the reason I long to be a kid again.  As the youngest of 3 and the only girl, my two older brothers were my world and made it ok to be whoever I wanted to be.  I grew up in a family that had this amazing knack for making someone feel special. You always felt invited and significant, and that has shaped my approach to not only my business, but life in general. For me, baking became not only an expression of my art but my way of giving love and joy to others.


So in 2011, with the spirit of my inner 3-year-old monster and an insatiable sweet tooth, I started a small baking hobby turned side gig in Florida that became my artistic escape from the world.  I moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2020 and decided to make my side project a full-time venture with a rebranding that leaned into what I know best. My love for oddities & childlike self-indulgence has made me that little weirdo girl in the neighborhood ...the ghoul next door.  


Ghoul next door bakeshop has allowed me to relive the most cherished years of my life - I hope to recreate that joy and childhood nostalgia for you as well. 


Never grow up, Live Deliciously.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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