We currently can ship cookies within the state of Georgia only - we know it sucks, sorry!  Shipping across state lines requires a different kind of license, so we assure you that it's nothing personal. 

For shipping wihtin the state of Georgia, we utilize USPS Priority flat rate shipping boxes to ship our cookies.  A minimum order of six (6) cookies is required for shipping.  Shipping costs vary from $17.50-$23.90 depending on the quantity of cookies.  The cookies weigh a half pound each and are approximately 4.5" in diameter, so they are quite large and expensive to ship.  Additionally we include packing materials to prevent them from breaking or melting which adds to the size of the package.  It takes approximately 2-3 days once it has left the bakeshop. 


While we take extra care in packaging our cookies to ensure they do not break/melt/any other travesty of travel - we do not require a signature upon arrival, therefore cookies left on your hot porch, in the rain, or snow, are at risk of getting damaged prior to you enjoying them.  A tracking number will be sent to you once your cookies have shipped so that you can keep tabs on when they will arrive.



We want you to enjoy your cookies as much as we enjoy them!  Each cookie is handled with care to ensure that they arrive to you to enjoy at their optimal level.  The cookies are baked to order, so we do not keep an inventory of pre-baked cookies on hand.  This means you are getting cookies that are specially made for YOU and are delivered fresh.  

If there is an issue with your order we make every attempt to make it right.