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We now ship NATIONWIDE!!  Yes, the day has finally come. 

Please more about shipping below. 

We currently utilize USPS Priority flat rate shipping boxes to ship our cookies.  Shipping costs vary from $18.10-$23.50 depending on the quantity of cookies.  The cookies weigh a half pound each and are approximately 4.5" in diameter, so they are quite large and heavy.  This can be expensive.  We are looking into other shipping options, but for the weight - flat rate has worked best thus far.   


It takes approximately 2-3 days once it has left the bakeshop.  This does not mean 2-3 days upon placing the order.  Please keep this in mind if you need for the package to arrive for a specific event.  Also consider that holidays and current issues with delivery trucks will result in delayed packages.  If you need your package for a specific date, please message us BEFORE placing your order to ensure we can meet your delivery expectations.  Once your order is ready to ship, you will receive the USPS tracking number and can track the expected delivery date.


While we take extra care in packaging our cookies to ensure they do not break/melt/any other travesty of travel - we do not require a signature upon arrival, therefore cookies left on your hot porch, in the rain, or snow, are at risk of getting damaged prior to you enjoying them.  A tracking number will be sent to you once your cookies have shipped so that you can keep tabs on when they will arrive.  We have zero control over what happens to the cookies once they have shipped.  Some postal workers will leave the package for you, some have other protocols of attempting to redeliver.  



We want you to enjoy your cookies as much as we enjoy them!  Each cookie is handled with care to ensure that they arrive to you to enjoy at their optimal level.  The cookies are baked to order, so we do not keep an inventory of pre-baked cookies on hand.  This means you are getting cookies that are specially made for YOU and are delivered at their freshest.   

If there is an issue with your order we make every attempt to make it right, but again remind you that we are not responsible for delays in shipping or weather damage to the cookies once they leave our bakeshop.    

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